Honda Apprenticeships Be Part Of Our Future


Who should apply? Show

As a minimum you will need three GCSEs at grade A* - C or grade 4 - 9 (or equivalent) and live within a reasonable travelling distance to the vacancy.

Honda and its dealers are committed to equal opportunities and applications are welcomed from all suitably qualified people regardless of age, race or belief, gender, marital status, disability or sexual orientation.

How can I apply? Show

Simply fill out the online application form. Once your application has been received your details will be screened against our minimum criteria and you will be notified by email of the next stage(s) of the application process.

What is the recruitment process? Show

On receipt of your online application form we will check that you meet the minimum criteria and then progress your application through the recruitment process, which is as follows:

  • A short telephone interview
  • An online initial assessment in English and Maths
  • Job offer and Enrolment onto the Honda Apprenticeship Programme

Each stage of the recruitment process is subject to successful completion of the previous stages; the majority of communication is by email so please ensure you regularly check your emails.

How much will I be paid during the Apprenticeship? Show

Apprentices are employed by an authorised Honda Dealership from the start of the Programme and earn a wage during their Apprenticeship. Minimum rates of pay for Apprentices are set by the UK Government. At Honda we like to support our Apprentices futher and so we set our rates above that of the minimum rates. 

For information of the minimum rates set by UK Government please use:

As explained on the Government Website above, in year one of an Apprenticeship the rate is set regardless of age. For subsequent years the rate of pay is dependent on age. 

Training costs, including hotel and travel for Block Training are all covered by the Honda Dealership, at no cost to the apprentice.

The Honda Apprenticeship Programme's rate of pay will be confirmed as part of the recruitment process. 

What are Functional Skills? Show

Anyone who leaves their school eduction without a grade c (or equivalent) in English and/or Maths must achieve a minimum of Level 2 in the required subject prior to completing their Apprenticeship Programme.

On the Honda Apprentiship Programme we utilise an online learning platform, as well as providing classroom training.  For those who struggle, we offer additional support with our Functional Skills specialist - this support will be targeted to the specific requirements of each apprentice.  

What is Block Training? Show

Apprentices attend their off the job training element of their programme at the Honda Institute in Bracknell, Berkshire in blocks of one week. Depending on the Programme you are enrolled on the number of blocks will be between 2 and 8 weeks per year.

The key benefit of Block Training is that apprentices receive a concentrated learning experience in the purpose-built Honda Institute, while being immersed in our brand. This means that an apprentice will be able to perform many more tasks effectively on returning to the Dealership.

At the end of each Block Training week the apprentice will have a comprehensive Module Report, detailing the subjects covered, exam results where applicable and comments from the Apprentice Trainer regarding their progression through the Programme.

Where do apprentices stay during Block Training? Show

Apprentices have two options during block training, they can either commute if they live within a reasonable distance to the Honda Institute or they can stay at a hotel near to the Honda Institute with their fellow apprentices. Hotel accommodation is arranged by the Honda Apprenticeship Programme in authorised hotels only.

Special dietary requirements are not a problem during block training. Food can be provided to suit your requirements.

Block Training starts on Monday at 11am, so depending upon the distance needing to be travelled arrival can either be on the Sunday evening prior or on the Monday morning. Apprentices will return home on the following Friday afternoon.

What are the benefits of being a Honda apprentice? Show

The Honda Apprenticeship Programme is seen as one of the industry’s leading Apprenticeship Programmes so you will receive first class training from highly qualified individuals.

Over and above the Government Apprenticeship requirements for the Programme, we run a Personal Development Programme called Honda Challenge which runs alongside the Technical Training delivered at The Honda Institute. The Honda Challenge Personal Development Programme covers many different subjects which will help build on basic life skills helping you succeed in your chosen career, and personal life.

What happens if the apprentice has a problem at Block Training? Show

There is a member of staff on duty at the hotel 24 hours a day to support with any problems. All Apprentices have access to Apprenticeship programme contact numbers who they can call at anytime in the event of an emergency.

How is apprentice behaviour monitored? Show

We expect high standards from our Apprentices at all times while on Block Training and poor behaviour will be discussed while in the Honda Institute with the Apprentice Trainer and reported to the relevant Honda Dealership.

In cases of frequent bad behaviour or serious behavioural complaints, the Programme Manager will speak with the apprentice and decide on appropriate action to be taken.

How do apprentices travel to the Honda Institute? Show

It is the responsibility of the Honda Dealership to arrange transport to the Honda Institute for apprentices. This can be by car, bus, train or airplane depending upon the distance to be travelled.

Transport between the hotel and the Honda Institute is by mini bus and is arranged by the Honda Apprenticeship Programme.

How much does the Training Cost? Show

Apprentices do not have to contribute towards their training costs as all costs are covered by Government Funding, Honda Dealerships or Honda Motor Europe.

The Honda Dealership also pays for the hotel, transport and associated costs while at block training.

How long is the Honda Apprenticeship Programme? Show

The length of each Programme depends upon the type of Apprenticeship pathway chosen, ranging from 18 to 40 months.

Car Technician - 3 years
Motorcycle Technician - 3 years
ATV Technician - 3 years
Parts Advisor - up to 2.5 years (inc optional level 3 after completion of level 2)
Service Advisor - up to 2.5 years (inc optional level 3 after completion of level 2)
Sales Advisor - 2 years

How are apprentices supported? Show

At the start of the Honda Apprenticeship Programme, you will be assigned a Honda Assessment & Employment Coach and a Workplace Mentor.

The Honda Assessment & Employment Coach will visit your employing Dealership regularly in order to work with your workplace mentor to ensure that learning aims are achieved on a timely basis and that you achieve your individual goals.

The Honda Assessment & Employment Coach and the Apprentice Trainer are always available to provide support and guidance whenever necessary.

For Apprentices where additional support is required due to personal issues we provide pastoral support which will run in accordance to the individual needs of each apprentice.

What happens when I have completed my Apprenticeship Programme? Show

All your hard work and dedication will have paid off and you will be fully qualified in your chosen career. All Graduates will be invited to attend an Apprentice Graduation with fellow Graduates, Dealer Representatives and Parents/Guardians in order to celebrate in your success.

However, your career progression doesn’t stop here, there are plenty of opportunities within the Honda dealer network to progress and develop your career further. Opportunities include becoming a Repair Technician, Workshop Controller, Customer Technical Advisor or eventually a Service, Aftersales or Parts Manager.